YearMake / ModelColorStockPriceView
2019KIA SOAL LX FWD WhiteB4626$19980View 
2019KIA SORENTO LX.GDI AWD. GreyB4625$26980View 
2018CHEV EQUINOX LT AWD MaroonB4622$26980View 
2018FORD EDGE-SEL-AWD Blue189633A$38995View 
2018HYUNDAI TUCSON AWD GLS SE GreyB4609$28980View 
2018HYUNDAI TUCSON GL.AWD WhiteB4610$25980View 
2018NISSAN ROGUE SV AWD WhiteB4612$26980View 
2017FORD FORD ESCAPE SE.4X4 BlackB4533$24980View 
2017FORD EDGE SEL AWD Grey3611PA$31995View 
2017FORD LINCOLN NAVIGATOR White171998P$69995View 
2017JEEP COMPASS NORTH 4WD RedB4529$29980View 
2017KIA SPORTAGE AWD GreyB4510$24980View 
2017KIA SPORTAGE LX AWD WhiteB4384A$24980View 
2017NISSAN MURANO SV.AWD SilverB4504A$30980View 
2017NISSAN PATHFINDER SL AWD PearlB4502$32980View 
2016FORD EXPLORER White186078A
2016FORD EXPLORER LIMITED AWD PearlB4534$35980View 
2016MAZDA CX5 G.S. AWD WhiteB4570$22980View 
2016DODGE JOURNEY FWD. WhiteB4613$17980View 
2015FORD EDGE SEL AWD WhiteB4462$26980View 
2015FORD EDGE SEL AWD Red183556PA$25995View 
2015FORD Escape White1073PA$19995View 
2015FORD ESCAPE FWD BronzeB4637$14980View 
2015FORD ESCAPE SE 4WD SilverB4630$18980View 
2015FORD ESCAPE SE FWD GreyB4523$17980View 
2015FORD ESCAPE SE.AWD WhiteB4580A$19980View 
2015HYUNDAI SANTA-FE SPORT AWD BlueB4535$20980View 
2015KIA SORENTO- AWD GreyB4632$17980View 
2015MITSUBISHI RVR AWD GreyB4142$15980View 
2014FORD ESCAPE SE.4X4 WhiteB4121$15980View 
2014HONDA CRV EX.AWD GreenB4572$20980View 
2014HYUNDAI SANTA-FE SPORT AWD. BlackB4575$18980View 
2014JEEP COMPASS NORTH EDITION 4X4 RedB4516$14980View 
2014KIA SPORTAGE LX AWD. BrownB4635$15980View 
2014FIAT 500 LOUNGE YellowA4389A$13980View 
2013FORD Escape 4WD White187260PA$13995View 
2013FORD Escape SE 4WD Brown181079B$13995View 
2013FORD ESCAPE SE.AWD BrownB4505A$17980View 
2011HYUNDAI Veracruz Brown188692A$14995View 
2011NISSAN Rogue AWD Purple182219A$9495View 
YearMake / ModelColorStockPriceView
2018FORD F150 Crew Cab Blue184190A$49995View 
2018FORD F150 XLT.CREW CAB 4X4 GreyB4559$39980View 
2018NISSAN FRONTIER PRO-4X CREW-CAB 4X4 WhiteB4627$32980View 
2017CHEV SILVERADO LT.QUAD-CAB 4X4 SilverB4577$33980View 
2017FORD F150 Lariet Roush Package BlackB13451$79995View 
2017FORD F150 Limited White189523AT$57995View 
2017FORD F150 XL.4X4 WhiteB4583$29980View 
2017FORD F250 Crew Cab Grey183482A$49995View 
2017FORD F250 LARIAT CREW CAB (GAS) Burgundy0039PA$57995View 
2017TOYOTA TUNDRA Blue185899A$44995View 
2017DODGE Ram 1500 SLT Crew Cab 4X4 GreyB4593$31980View 
2016FORD F-150 CREW CAB - SPORT Blue170953A$37995View 
2016FORD F150 Crew Cab Grey189923A$36995View 
2016FORD F150 CREW CAB Burgundy184486PA$39995View 
2016FORD F150 CREW CAB Blue170953A$37995View 
2016FORD F150 CREW CAB Blue189430A$29995View 
2016FORD F150 XLT SPORT CREW CAB 4x4 RedB4419$36980View 
2016FORD F150 XLT.SPORT CREW-CAB 4X4 BlueB4548$38980View 
2016FORD F150 XTR CREW CAB White197753A$35995View 
2016FORD F250 XLT.CREW-CAB 4X4 BlueB4438A$37980View 
2016DODGE 1500 RAM REBEL CREW CAB 4X4 RedB4585$37995View 
2015CHEV COLORADO LT CREW CAB 4X4 BrownB4508$29980View 
2015FORD F150 FX4 PACKAGE CREW CAB Silver185432PA$34995View 
2015FORD F150 XTR CREW CAB 4X4 MaroonB4358$36980View 
2015GMC SIERRA SLT.DOUBLE -CAB 4X4 RedB4581$36980View 
2015TOYOTA TUNDRA SR5 4 DOOR 4x4 BlueB4263$37980View 
2014DODGE RAM 1500 SLT.QUAD-CAB 4X4 SilverB4560A$22980View 
2013CHEV Silverado LS Reg Cab 2wd RedB4578$19980View 
2013FORD F150 XL REG CAB 4X4 WhiteB4636$18980View 
2013FORD F150 XLT.EXT-CAB.4X4 BlueB4639$18980View 
YearMake / ModelColorStockPriceView
2017CHEV IMPALA L.T. WhiteA4617
2017FORD FOCUS White188273A$17995View 
2017FORD MUSTANG GT - COUPE Black8031PA$39995View 
2017HYUNDAI ACCENT 4DR.SEDAN GreyA4382$13980View 
2017HYUNDAI SONATA 4DR.SEDAN PearlA4555$17980View 
2017NISSAN SENTRA SV.4DR.SEDAN RedA4556$16980View 
2017VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Wolfsburg WhiteA4573$20980View 
2016CHEV MALIBU LT. GreyB4472A$18980View 
2016FORD FOCUS HATCHBACK White188707A$14995View 
2016FORD Mustang GT Black186232A$39995View 
2016FORD Mustang GT350 Red165614P$69995View 
2016KIA FORTE EX {GDI} WhiteA4540$16980View 
2016VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Grey185409A$17995View 
2015CHEV MALIBU LTZ 4 DOOR BlackA4532$17980View 
2015FORD FOCUS White5630PA$14995View 
2015FORD FOCUS Black189922A$15980View 
2015FORD FUSION Bronze179904A$18995View 
2015FORD FUSION Blue180684A
2015FORD Mustang Grey185574PA$19995View 
2015HONDA CIVIC LX GreyA4633$16980View 
2015HYUNDAI ELANTRA SPORT SilverA4446$13980View 
2015HYUNDAI ELANTRA SPORT BlueA4324$13980View 
2015KIA OPTIMA ( GDI) BlackB4290A$14980View 
2014HONDA CIVIC EX TOURING WhiteA4605$16980View 
2014KIA FORTE EX.GDI BlueA4623$10980View 
2013FORD TAURUS SEL { AWD} WhiteA4435$15980View 
2013FORD TAURUS SEL. RedA4395$15980View 
2012BUICK VERANO SilverA4350$10980View 
YearMake / ModelColorStockPriceView
2017DODGE Grand Caravan SXT GreyB4557$22980View 
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